Onnex Hall Tiny Chapel

On the grounds of the Easton Methodist Church is a small building known as the Onnex Hall Tiny Chapel. The building was erected in 2023 by the Easton United Methodist Church, the Greenwich Centenary United Methodist Church and the South Cambridge and Eagle Bridge United Methodist Churches in memory of a 6 year old boy named Onnex Hall who had an unfortunate fatal accident in Easton in 2022. The building was dedicated on September 1, 2023 which would have been Onnex’s 8th birthday.

The tiny chapel is open to all. It is a place to find peace in turbulent times. For those who are not comfortable in the bigger churches, it is a place to go to pray and draw nearer to God. The tiny chapel has resources for those in need of help or guidance and also Pastoral care if requested. Pastor Melissa and the church congregations invite you to visit this beautiful location and take time to be still.