Ongoing Missions

Prayer Shawl Mission

People from the Church and Community have been knitting and crocheting Prayer Shawls since 2009, meeting in the Easton Library. 725 shawls have been distributed to persons in need of comfort following or in the midst of sickness, sorrow or other tragic event. The shawls which have been blessed by our congregation are meant to bring warmth, comfort, peace and a feeling of God’s love surrounding the recipient. As evidence by the notes which have been received as the shawls have gone all over the world, people are grateful for the comfort brought by the shawls.

Community Lunches & Dinners

The Easton Methodist Church hosts several Souper Lunches, a Pancake Supper and a Chicken Parmesan Dinner each year. The meals not only provide income for our Church expenses but also offer a place for people to gather and enjoy good food and good conversation. People who attend look forward to the gatherings.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace Bunk Bed Mission

The Church has been part of a national organization that builds, assembles and delivers beds to children in need. Their motto is “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town”. Jim Welch, a Church member, is a Northeast Team Leader. He gathers and oversees the volunteers that build the beds. Some of our members have helped build and deliver and we have collected bedding to be distributed with the beds. The Sunday School collected bedding in 2019 and wrote bed time prayers that were included in the bedding bags. Email for Information :

Zoom Network to Reach People Who Cannot Attend Church Services

Our Church has purchased equipment to use for creating a Zoom network so homebound people can log in by computer or telephone on Sunday mornings to be a part of the Church service. Many are grateful to be able to be part of the Sunday praise, prayers and message by simply logging in to see and hear the service. Please email- for information.