Easton United Methodist Church

12053 State Rt 40, Easton, NY

email link for information: eastonchurch126@gmail.com

Service at the Easton Methodist Church begins at 8:15 on Sunday morning. The service will also be on Zoom. If you do not receive a Zoom invitation for these services, please email the above eastonchurch link. Invitations are sent each week and may differ. Please leave your email address on the above email link so information can reach you. The first Sunday of each month is Communion Sunday. If you would like to have the blessed elements at home, please contact the Church by email.

VISITS OR SMALL GROUP GATHERINGS at the Church or in your home can be requested starting 8/31/21 – 11/22/21. Please contact Melissa or Sharyl to schedule.

Centenary Prayer Chain – If you would like to be on it or need more info contact Vickie (518-692-7721) or Sharyl (518-514-8857)

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